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What are Causes of Acne?

skin diagramBefore you start applying any and every treatment on your acne it is necessary to understand about acne and causes of acne.

There are lots of misconceptions when it comes to acne. There are many people who wonder why they get acne while others don’t have to suffer from embarrassing feelings of acne.

You may know that skin is the largest organ in our body but you may not know that 70% of skin contain water and it is the biggest source for the elimination of toxics from the body. The upper part of the skin is known as epidermis whereas the deepest part of skin known as dermis which contains collages and elastic and it is firm and flexible. Dermis also contains lympy vessels, sweat glands and hair follicles.

Acne occurs when pores in skin get blocked. There are numerous reasons for these pores to get block and some of them but not limited to are chemicals, scrubs and abrasive cleaning. You may think you are cleaning skin but you are actually making your acne even worst.

On brighter side, Acne is not life threading disease – Thankfully there is no one who died because of acne and with the help you right treatment such as Michael Walden’s Acne No More you can get rid of acne from your face. Acne is clinically known as ‘chronic inflammation’ or ‘systemic inflammation’ and the prime culprit of chronic inflammation is poor diet.

Now you get some idea about acne now take a look on causes of acne:

Causes of Acne

how acne occurUnderstanding about the causes of acne will help you greatly in future. Although holistic, natural and home-remedies are best ways in acne treatment but still you have to know reasons behind your acne.

There are lots of researches and studies done on finding reason behind why some people have to consistently suffer from acne breakouts while others don’t get any acne. Scientist failed to understand single root cause of this problem but they did find some factors that cause acne. These are:

  • Oily Skin – When skin glands produce excess sebum this create hormone imbalance in the body and causes acne.
  • Clogged skin pores – Acne occurs when there is no way for toxic to get out of the body
  • Bacteria in skin – Bacteria that are left in skin by sweat, dust or external factors causes acne

Besides these causes of acne, there are few factors that contribute towards acne. These are:


Acne in puberty is very common. According to one research, there are around 94% boys and girls between age 12 to 24 who gets acne once in their life. Teenage and acne goes hand to hand.

The main reason why acne is so common during puberty period is because of the hormonal changes take place inside in the body. Due to hormonal changes, skin glands produce excess oil which later get connect with skin cells and create acne.


medicationsThere are some anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications that are known to create acne. If you don’t have any acne before using medications then most probably your medications is causing acne. It is important to research about the medications you are using and if you found some complaints then consult your doctor.

It is important to don’t quit medications that doctor prescribe for you because Acne is the temporary problem and it will disappear within few months. If your acne is getting worst then consult doctor and ask for alternative medications.

Family Thing:

Many people found to be complaining that acne is in their genes. But doctors and scientists failed to discover any connection between acne and genes. But according to some doctors if one of your parents suffered from severe acne then chances are you also get acne.


cosmeticsIt is necessary to purchase branded cosmetics for your face because some cheap companies are using harmful chemicals in their cosmetics that increases sebum production and clogs skin pores.

If your face is oily then you must be very careful when using cosmetic on your face.


Environment air can also affect your face skin. There was a research that showed that people with no acne background starts getting acne when they start using chemical clears especially without their hands.

Individuals that are working in factories are often find skin irritation when their skin comes in connect with oil. Oil can clog skin pores and increases the chances of acne. Similarly pollution can also clogged skin pores and increases risk for acne.

Poor Diet:

According to some doctors, poor diet is the main cause for acne. However, there is no single food to point out that causes acne but processed foods and packed foods contains chemicals that can create hormone imbalance in the body and causes acne. There are over 90 illness, ailments, diseases and infections connected to improper digestion and acne is just one of them. Just improve your diet and you will amaze how quickly your acne will disappear.


Stress of work or family tension is one of the biggest causes of acne. Stress increases cortisol hormone in the body that imbalance other hormones and also increases the risk of acne. The best way to reduce stress is exercising. With the help of exercise you can improve your immune system but it is important to remember that sweating can clog skin pores. So make sure you wash out face after workout and don’t let sweat to stay on the face for longer period. Another best way to reduce stress is proper sleeping. According to research 6 to 8 hours of sleep is recommended but now these days it is very difficult for us to get that amount of sleeping. Cut down TV time to get proper sleep.


If you want to eliminate acne from your face you need to first point out what are causes for your acne. Once you come to know about factors that are causing acne then you will able to remove acne and also able to stop it from coming again.

 Here is the video about brief explanation about how acne occurs